Sonsation fresh & cutting

Also in 2020 you have come to the right place for the Sonsation.Sonsation grows easily, the plant remains compact and gives beautiful open leaves

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Elsanta A/A+/A++/A+++

The Elsanta is extremely suitable for all kinds of crops, both indoors and outdoors
and from early to fairly late. Elsanta is characterized by strong and firm fruits.

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Kweli 4.7 L Longcanes

The Kweli has the characteristic that it tolerates high temperatures. In addition, the Kweli produces beautiful round red fruits.

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Buy strawberry plants

At Van den Wijngaart B.V. you can buy the best quality strawberry plants. We make every effort to ensure that our plants grow optimally, so that they give beautiful fruits at your company. With us you can choose from different strawberry varieties and grades. It is also possible to order customized strawberry plants. In that case we will discuss your wishes and our options together. Based on this information we then realize the ideal plants for your fruit nursery.

Which variety do you want to buy strawberry plants from?

Whichever strawberry plants you want to buy, you certainly succeed at our nursery. We grow different varieties and always deliver top quality. For example, go for the Tenira, Lambada or Darselect variety. Or would you prefer to order strawberry plants from Elsanta or Sonata? With us it is all possible! Even the exclusive brand Sonsation is available with us. We are one of the few nurseries that have a license to deliver this beautiful variety that gives firm and juicy strawberries.

Cuttings open ground and Glass

Available from the beginning of July

Frigo Plants

Available from the end of November to the end of August

Tray plants

Available, from mid-November to the end of August

Fresh plants

Available, From the end of July to the end of August

Waiting bed

Available from the end of November to the end of August

Misted tips (jars)

available from the end of July to the end of October

NAK and MPS certified

Our plants meet all the requirements of the Dutch General Inspection Service (NAK) for seeds and seed potatoes. Because of this you are assured of high quality products with us. We also have an MPS certificate. This shows that we contribute to a more sustainable horticultural sector. We work with respect for people, nature and the environment. For example, you can buy strawberry plants or strawberry plants with an extra good feeling or order strawberry plants.

In addition to strawberries, we also have raspberries!

You can buy strawberry plants, but also raspberry plants from us. We take optimum care of these plants so that you get the best possible product. Do you want to buy raspberry or strawberry plants from us? Or do you have questions about our range or ordering strawberry plants? Do not hesitate to contact us, because we are happy to be of service.

Interest in our strawberry plant or raspberry plant?

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